Standard Uniform Officers

This group of Individuals goes through extensive training, such as two eight hour courses mandated by the Louisiana State board of Private Security Examiners, MARSEC, Report writing, Customer Service and much more. St. Michael Special Security trains this group of agents to follow all rules, and regulations put forth by our clients. This would include following all local, State, and Federal Laws as  they are  written. All officers are licensed in compliance with the Law; this includes the S.E.R.T.  Team as well.

Why Choose US ?

St. Michael Special Security services, llc. is one of the most dependable and well trained guard services in the Gulf coast area.  We use an electronic reporting system. Shift and any incident Reports are emailed at the conclusion of each shift to the email addresses you request.  24 hour dispatch service contacting guards hourly to ensure their safety and location allowing us to better protect our clients and their business.  All of our clients will receive telephone numbers for 24 hour access to site/area supervisors and ownership.  We strongly believe in the safety  and security of our clients, their business, property, patrons and staff. Our team of well trained guards strive to meet all of your security needs.

Security Emergency Response Team S.E.R.T

This team of officers specialize in emergency conditions such as, Hurricanes, Strikes, Neighborhood Patrols, normal or during a man made  or natural disaster, Executive Protection and much more. Their training is extensive such as, MARSEC (TSA), First Aid, CPR and ICS and Nims courses. They follow and completely understand the complete St. Michael Special Security Hurricane Plan. This team wears a 511 uniform to add a superior deterrence to deflect any confrontation.